Parenting From The Inside Out

Discover How To Break Unhealthy Generational Cycles, and Cultivate A More Mindful and Fulfilling Relationship With Your Kids














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Parenting From The Inside Out

Discover How To Break Unhealthy Generational Cycles, and Cultivate A More Mindful and Fulfilling Relationship With Your Kids
















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Matthias Barker

Psychotherapist, co-founder of the Trauma Institute, trauma specialist: showing you how to move towards meaning in the midst of hardships.

Dr. Nicole LePera

Author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling Book "How To Do The Work”; creator of the SelfHealers Circle.

Dr. Frank Anderson

One of the world's leading trauma experts; lead trainer for the IFS institute, co-founder of the Trauma Institute.

Jenna Weakland

Co-Owner of The Holistic Psychologist; Co-Founder of SelfHealers Circle; expert in Holistic Healing and Soul Alignment.

Uncover The 4 Keys Of Effective Parenting


It's a fact: parenting is a challenge…

But it can be even trickier when we're not fully aware of all the ways our past influences our present.

If you ever…

  • Battle irritation or exhaustion yet feel guilty you’re not more present for your kids
  • Find yourself losing your cool only to beat yourself up about it later
  • Struggle with disconnect between you and your children and don’t know how to bridge the gap

This doesn’t make you a “bad” parent.

None of us enter parenthood with a completely blank slate.

Even if we’re intentional in our approach, we can’t help but bring our past hurts with us - along with their resulting insecurities, fears, and reactiveness.

The answer isn’t to “try harder” or simply rely on better techniques.

The truth is, even the best strategies in the world won’t cause everything to suddenly “click”.


It’s only by getting to the root of what’s behind your worry, agitation, or anger that you’ll become more attuned to your own needs. And that’s the key to becoming more present with your children.

This is designed to show parents…

A Better Path Forward

When you understand the connection between your past and your present day reactions, you’ll be empowered to nurture yourself (and your children) better.

It’s why we invite you to watch this free video on "Parenting From The Inside Out" now.

You’ll hear from 4 top experts with diverse backgrounds in psychotherapy, trauma, and parenting - each with their own unique insights on how to transform your parenting journey:


Dr. Frank Anderson 

one of the world’s leading trauma experts and co-founder of the Trauma Institute

Dr. Nicole LePera 

#1 NY Times bestselling author, founder of SelfHealers Circle

Jenna Weakland 

an expert in Natural Healing and Soul Alignment, founder of SelfHealers Circle 

Matthias Barker 

co-founder of the Trauma Institute and licensed trauma specialist


We discussed how childhood experiences and past wounds can manifest in your parenting challenges today… 

And explore practical steps towards breaking the cycle of reactive parenting and healing, so you can nurture a more loving relationship with your children.


Inside "Parenting From The Inside Out",

You’ll Discover:

  • The #1 trauma myth that leads us to feel more disconnected, not less

(And the 3 steps you must take instead to heal in 2024)

  • How to address past emotional wounds

(so you're able to engage with your child in a more grounded and present way. Get ready to finally feel confident in your parenting)

  • Surprising ways your own childhood experiences shape your parenting style

(and how recognizing these patterns can lead to fast growth and transformation)

  • Why the problem isn’t a lack of self-control, but a lack of self-awareness

(you’ll receive practical strategies to hold overwhelming parental duties and stresses)

  • How to approach a strained or distant relationship with your grown up kids

(so you can finally let go of the guessing-game and feeling like you need to tiptoe around them)

  • And much, much more!


This video is perfect for you, if you want to uncover ways to break intergenerational cycles, build a closer connection with your kids, or keep yourself grounded during tough parenting moments.


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Meet Matthias Barker

Matthias Barker is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), specializing in the treatment of complex trauma, childhood abuse, and marital issues. He holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Northwest University and is currently located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Matthias is widely recognized for his unique approach to making mental health knowledge and skills accessible to the wider public. Matthias delivers psychoeducational content to a following of over 3.5 million people. His innovative blend of engaging content and relevant mental health advice has fostered a vibrant online community centered on healing, personal growth, and moving toward meaning in the midst of hardship.

Meet Frank Anderson

Frank Anderson, MD, is a world-renowned trauma expert, Harvard-trained psychiatrist, global speaker, and acclaimed best-selling author of Transcending Trauma. Dr Anderson has a long affiliation with Bessel van der Kolk at the Trauma Research Foundation and is a lead trainer at the IFS Institute under Richard Schwartz. He is passionate about teaching brain-based psychotherapy and integrating current neuroscience knowledge with cutting-edge models of therapy.

Dr. Anderson believes that traumatic events can have a lasting effect on the health and well-being of individuals and that addressing these events will help lead people down a path of hope, love, and forgiveness. He is the director and co-founder of the Trauma Institute ( and Trauma-Informed Media (, organizations that provide educational resources and promote trauma awareness. As a result of his early childhood experiences and personal journey transformation, he is dedicated to bringing more compassion, unity, and trauma healing to the world. He splits his time between Boston and Los Angeles where he lives with his husband and two sons. Follow him at and on Instagram at frank_andersonmd.

Meet Dr. Nicole LePera


Dr. Nicole LePera is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestselling Book "How To Do The Work” and the recently released Bestselling “How to Meet Your Self” Workbook. She is the creator of the #SelfHealers movement and founded SelfHealers Circle, the first virtual self-guided healing membership where members in over 100 countries are joining together to heal in community. She is the host of the weekly ad-free podcast “SelfHealers Soundboard” with over 5 million downloads.

Meet Jenna Weakland 


After transcending the storms of childhood abuse, poverty, abandonment, homelessness, addiction, violence and neglect; Jenna made it her mission to become a beacon of hope, resilience and healing to others.

She has spent her life learning and observing, teaching herself and others how to not only overcome and heal from deep depression and adversity, but to find the divine wisdom, purpose and meaning waiting to be learned from each and every one of our experiences, including—and especially—the ones rooted in grief and trauma.

Jenna co-founded the SelfHealers Circle—the first virtual self-guided healing membership where members from over 160 countries are joining together to heal in community. She hosts the weekly ad-free podcast “SelfHealers Soundboard” with over 5 million downloads.

Her life’s work in childhood development and education, pediatric and adult oncology, integrative nutrition and holistic health, spiritual growth and community service, combined with her own personal journey, has made Jenna into someone who deeply understands and knows how to help guide and heal people from the inside out. She is here to provide inspiration and guidance in helping others become their most authentic and heart-led self. She is grateful to be here for all of it!