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At the forefront of a historic healing movement, dedicated to empowering individuals to reconnect with themselves and others, overcoming barriers and transcending trauma. Founded by the visionary Dr. Frank Anderson, a pioneering psychiatrist with a rich history at the forefront of trauma research and treatment, and Matthias, a therapist whose rise on social media underscores the world's urgent need for accessible mental health guidance, our institute stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and heartfelt dedication to the cause of healing.


Our Story

The Trauma Institute didn't just spring up overnight; it's the product of decades of pioneering work, profound connections, and a shared vision for a world where healing from trauma is accessible to everyone:

Dr. Frank Anderson's Journey

At the heart of our institute is Dr. Frank Anderson, whose dedication to understanding and treating trauma spans over three decades. His career took root at the University of Illinois, where a personal encounter with mental illness steered him from chemistry to psychiatry, culminating in a transformative residency at Harvard Medical School. It was there that Frank's path intertwined with the complex world of trauma, leading him to the Trauma Center in Boston under Bessel van der Kolk's mentorship.

Frank's journey took a pivotal turn when he discovered Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy, aligning his deep understanding of neuroscience with a compassionate therapeutic model. As a former executive of the Foundation for Self Leadership and a prolific contributor to the field through his writings, including "Transcending Trauma," Frank has dedicated his career to healing trauma with love, compassion, and unity. Today, as a lead trainer and consultant for the IFS Institute and through his private practice, Frank's relentless pursuit of scientific and clinical advancements in trauma therapy has positioned him at the vanguard of the field, shaping the practices and principles that underpin our institute today.

Matthias' Path to Collaboration

Then there's Matthias, whose unexpected rise on social media during the isolating times of the COVID-19 pandemic marked the beginning of an extraordinary partnership. Starting with therapy insights condensed into one-minute TikTok videos, Matthias quickly became a source of solace and guidance for millions, catapulting from anonymity to a prominent voice in mental health practically overnight.

Driven by a passion for trauma recovery and a deep respect for Frank's work, Matthias reached out for mentorship, setting the stage for a collaboration that would eventually lead to the founding of the Trauma Institute. Under Frank's guidance, Matthias delved into the intricacies of trauma therapy, from the subtle cues in client interactions to the profound impact of various therapeutic approaches. This mentorship was not just an exchange of knowledge but a fusion of visions, leading to the creation of courses and seminars that resonated with hundreds of thousands, signaling the need for a more expansive platform for trauma recovery.

A Shared Vision Comes to Life

The idea for the Trauma Institute was born from a desire to bring trauma healing to the world. Rather than develop a therapeutic model; Frank and Matthias dreamed about creating a round-table where the most brilliant minds in trauma therapy could collaborate, share, and integrate their diverse approaches. They envisioned an institute that would unite experts from all corners of the trauma recovery spectrum, from researchers and clinicians to educators and content creators.


Our Commitment & Mission

Today, the Trauma Institute stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, dedication, and a shared commitment to making trauma recovery accessible to all. We are not just the founders of this institute; we are custodians of a movement that predates us and will continue long into the future. Our mission is to nurture and guide this movement, ensuring that the most effective, compassionate, and innovative approaches to trauma therapy are available to all who need them and that professionals are trained to the highest levels of excellence. Our mission has 4 pillars:

Democratize Trauma Healing: Making advanced therapeutic knowledge accessible to all, breaking down the barriers that keep vital healing strategies confined to academic and clinical settings.

Cultivate Community: Building a warm, inclusive environment where individuals and therapists alike can share, learn, and grow together on their healing journeys.

Promote Holistic Approaches: Integrating a diverse range of therapeutic methodologies, from IFS and EMDR to Somatic Experiencing and beyond, ensuring a rich, multi-dimensional understanding of trauma and recovery.

Foster Innovation and Excellence: Constantly seeking out and developing new strategies, insights, and approaches to trauma recovery, guided by the latest research and clinical practice.


Our Values

At the heart of our institute lie the core values that shape every aspect of our work:

Compassion and Understanding: Approaching every interaction with empathy and a deep respect for the individual paths of those we serve.

Integrity and Safety: Maintaining the highest ethical standards, ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for learning and healing.

Inclusivity and Diversity: Honoring a wide range of experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives, ensuring our community is a reflection of the diverse world we live in.

Innovation and Growth: Embracing change and new ideas, fostering a culture of continuous learning and adaptation.


Our Commitment

We are dedicated to serving not just therapists seeking to enhance their skills, but anyone touched by trauma, offering a guiding light through the complexities of healing. Our resources, courses, and community initiatives are designed to empower, educate, and support, making the journey from trauma to recovery a shared, supported experience.


Join Us

As we forge ahead, we invite you to become a part of this transformative journey. Whether you're seeking understanding, healing, or the tools to help others, the Trauma Institute offers a sanctuary of knowledge, support, and community. Together, we can turn the tide of trauma, bringing light to the shadows and hope to the heart.

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